This year 1088 residents participated in Reservation Days 2013 in order to reserve a space in Main Campus housing for the upcoming 2013-2014 academic year; that’s 66% of our current Spring 2013 population!

Approximately 870 students can be housed in our Main Campus upperclassmen housing area. When you compare that with the amazing number of residents participating in Reservation Days 2013, it is easy to understand why there are students currently on a waitlist for Main Campus housing. While we are excited that so many of our residents are choosing to return to on-campus housing, we also realize we don’t have the space to house every applicant on Main Campus. We recognize how important living on-campus is to our residents, in order to provide some additional options for those choosing to return to student housing, we are making some changes to the qualifications for East Campus.

Currently individual students applying for East Campus housing must either be 21 years of age or older, have 90 or more units, or be a graduate student in order to qualify for an assignment. For Fall 2013 we will be changing the minimum age and unit requirement for East Campus, in order to open additional housing options to some of our residents currently on a waitlist for Main Campus housing. Effective for the 2013-2014 academic year, students who are either 20 years of age or older, or have at least 60 units or more (junior status) will be able to apply for East Campus Housing.

You are receiving this letter because you have a Main Campus assignment for Fall 2013 and will be either 20 years of age or have 60 units for the Fall 2013 Semester. We would like to give you the opportunity to apply to East Campus before we open up applications to new incoming students.

If you are interested in applying for East Campus housing, please submit a 2013 Individual East Campus Reservation Application. After your application is submitted pay a $100.00 Reservation Deposit to the Alliance Residential Company no later than April 15, 2013. Pay your $100.00 Reservation Deposit directly to Alliance Residential Company. You may pay the Security Deposit one of three ways:

  • Pay the application fee in person at the Alliance Office located at: 603 Thomas Court, Marina, CA 93933
  • Mail a cashier's check/money order with the Alliance Student Payment Information Card to the Alliance Office (see address above)
  • Fax in a completed Credit Card Authorization Form and the Alliance Student Payment Information Card to 831.883.3153

You must have an application and a deposit on file by April 15, 2013 in order to receive an assignment. If you apply for East Campus, we will remove you from your Fall 2013 Main Campus assignment and refund your Main Campus Reservation Deposit.